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Metallica even released an album in 2016!

So the ball may have dropped long ago on 2016, which many deemed a dreadful year for entertainment due to many high-profile celebrity deaths. While our genre has lost some legends in recent years, hard rock and metal continue to thrive. I see bands rising and carrying the torch. We have the “world’s loudest month” in the U.S. for rock festivals. Metal is the most streamed genre on Spotify. Newer bands of all types of rock and metal subgenres continue to open eyes and ears not just here, but as always, worldwide. As usual, my list came down to the albums that not only initially knocked me on my ass, but also had me coming back time and time again. It mostly comprises reliable favorites, but there are a couple new surprise entries, as well.

First, we’ll start with a few honorable mentions: (more…)

Universal Enterprises (UMe) has issued the first five platinum-selling Capitol Records Megadeth albums on limited edition picture disc vinyl for the first time in the U.S.

Titles include Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?, So Far, So Good…So What!, Rust In Peace, Countdown To Extinction and Youthanasia. Each album is pressed on heavyweight vinyl and features the remastered mixes by Dave Mustaine with the original album track listings. (more…)

Municipal Waste's Ryan Waste: "An In-Studio Report?"

Municipal Waste’s Ryan Waste: “An In-Studio Report?”

There’s old school, new school, crossover, hardcore-punk, the Big Four shows, the potential “new big four” and the list goes on. Long story short—thrash metal is back. But the thing is, I saw Municipal Waste doing this live back in 2006, when no one else was. They were the first band I heard playing this style of old-school thrash in years. Four albums later, the band has gained a loyal following and been credited with sparking the resurgence. During the recording of its upcoming album for new label Nuclear Blast (tentative release date in early 2012), guitarist Ryan Waste checked in with’s Jeff Maki to talk about life in the studio, the Big Four and more. But wait—was Ryan really in the studio? Surely he wasn’t partying it up, was he? We’re not entirely sure, so we’ll let you decide. One thing is certain: Municipal Waste once again will be looking to “fuck you up” in 2012. (more…)

anthrax-worship-musicSo Joey Belladonna is back as the singer for Anthrax. That’s the big news here, right?

But an important thing people seem to be forgetting is Joey actually had his first reunion with Anthrax when he rejoined and toured with the band in 2005-2006. However, Worship Music is the first Anthrax studio album featuring Belladonna since 1990’s Persistence of Time. (Wow, I was barely into high school when that came out, yet I remember playing the shit out of that CD. Or maybe it was a tape?) (more…)

"That Live Metal Show" with Don Jamieson and Jeff Maki

“That Live Metal Show” with Don Jamieson and Jeff Maki

Don Jamieson, co-host of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, and LIVE METAL’s Jeff Maki talk one-on-one about all things metal. What will happen when two of the world’s biggest metalheads get together? Who the hell knows, but God help us all.

Tonight’s topics include the Big Four show in Indio, Ca., Don’s new live standup comedy album, Live and Hilarious, and thoughts on interviewing their heavy metal idols.

We wish we could provide video, or at least audio, but in true metal fashion, our gear was toasted not long after the recording took place. (more…)

slayer-bloodNearly 30 years into their career, Slayer is still going strong. Those that need proof need only take a listen to the band’s newest release, World Painted Blood, a release that continues a creative rebirth for the band that started with 2001’s God Hates Us All. (more…)

Slayer_-_Christ_IllusionThere are certain things in life that just bring a smile to my face. Ravens victories, hockey fights, Jessica Biel in a bikini and the movie Point Break are just a few things that can always make a bad day good. Added to that list is the music of thrash metal’s preeminent band, Slayer. After releasing three of the best metal albums of all-time in a row (Reign in BloodSouth of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss) the band fell off a bit in the ’90s after the departure of drummer Dave Lombardo. While the band’s material in the ’90s wasn’t bad, the chemistry with drummer Paul Bostaph wasn’t the same as it had been with Lombardo and the band seemed to be waning.

However, a funny thing happened in the new millenium. Thanks to shows like Jackass and Viva La Bam, as well as the Lombardo’s return to the fold, the band has seen an unexpected surge in popularity (backed up by the fact that their new album had their highest chart debut in nearly 10 years). Christ Illusion, the band’s first batch of new material in five years, is a loud, fast punch to the face that shows that after all these years, Slayer is still the best at what they do. (more…)