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Review by Jeff Maki
When I interviewed vocalist Eddie Hermida in October 2015 (read here), the band was opening for Korn on its self-titled album’s 20th anniversary tour (read review). Produced by Ross Robinson—the producer of the new Suicide Silence album, as well—that album changed the face of metal. Even in the Mitch Lucker-era, the band showed its admiration for Korn, as the band’s 2011 album, The Black Crown had obvious influences. But this new album isn’t strictly influenced by Korn—it takes Robinson’s body of work, combined with Suicide Silence’s vision, and the band undergoes a complete metamorphosis. (more…)

machine-head-bloodstoneReview by Jeff Maki
With Bloodstone & Diamonds, Machine Head has thrown its “headcases” a wicked curveball. To spend more time recording the new album, the band decided to cancel its 2014 fall U.S. tour with Children of Bodom. Fans were disappointed to the extent that a minor online feud was started between followers of the two bands. If the end result is a curveball like this, the unfinished version must have been a down-and-away-slider so far off the plate that even third baseman Pablo Sandoval wouldn’t have been able to connect. (I figured this was a good analogy since the San Francisco Giants just won the 2014 World Series.) The album is surprising in that it is a departure in many ways for Machine Head. If this were a new Metallica or In Flames album, the online ranting would be endless.

Robb Flynn recently wrote in his online blog, The General Journals:

We don’t need to be loved by everyone, in fact when some people don’t like it I know we’re on the right track.

Bloodstone & Diamonds has the potential to divide Machine Head’s fan base. But given the appropriate time and an open mind for this material to sink in, there’s no fucking way that should happen. (more…)