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Battlebeast—how can that name not bring a smile to a metalhead’s face? The Finnish band combines power metal and traditional ’80s metal into something special: anthemic songs with big hooks and choruses to bring out that inner headbanger in us all. Formed in 2008 and originally featuring vocalist Nitte Valo, the band was left in a compromising position in 2012 when she had to leave the band prior to a coveted opening slot on a tour with Sonata Arctica. In stepped the wild-haired, big voice of a frontwoman, Noora Louhimo, who up until this point had never performed in a heavy metal band. Well, Noora (or as she had me pronounce it, New-rrr-a, with an emphasis on the tongue roll) now has become the heart and soul of Battlebeast, as the band prepares to release its third album with her as vocalist, Bringer of Pain (Feb. 17, 2017, Nuclear Blast Records). The band—rounded out by bassist/vocalist Eero Sipilä, drummer Pyry Vikki, guitarist Juuso Soinio, keyboardist Janne Björkroth and his brother, guitarist Joona Björkroth—will serve as openers, along with Leave’s Eyes, for Sabaton on a U.S. tour this spring. Live Metal’s Jeff Maki talked with Noora about Bringer of Pain, the interesting story of how she joined the band, it’s ’80s metal style and much more. (more…)

Review by  Greg Maki
In some ways, Men of Honor, the second full-length effort from Adrenaline Mob, feels like a debut album. I don’t mean to demean the band’s actual debut, Omerta, released in 2012, but it always left me feeling a bit cold, like it was more a studio project than a real band—which it sort of was at the time, as a collaboration of Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen and former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, with Mike Orlando handling both guitar and bass. Since then, the Mob has added Disturbed bassist John Moyer and replaced the departed (not departed in the mob sense of the word, of course) Portnoy with Twisted Sister’s A.J. Pero. (more…)