Top 10 Danzig songs #10: “Am I Demon”

Posted: November 14, 2015 by Jeffrey Maki in Editorials
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Here are my Top 10 Danzig songs of the now-classic original lineup of Danzig (vocals), John Christ (guitars), Eerie Von (bass) and Chuck Biscuits (drums). This lineup was active years 1987-1994 and released the most iconic and revered albums among fans with Danzig (1988), Danzig II: Lucifuge (1990), Danzig III: How the Gods Kill (1992) and Danzig 4 (1994).

Danzig_cover10. “Am I Demon”
(Danzig, 1988)

“Am I Demon”‘s vintage stripped-down sound and John Christ’s Iommi-like guitar riff makes this the most Sabbath-inspired Danzig song. Glenn was largely influenced by Ozzy and co. and later went on to cover the Black Sabbath song “Hand of Doom,” and most recently, “N.I.B.”

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