Top 10 Danzig songs #6: “Dirty Black Summer”

Posted: November 14, 2015 by Jeffrey Maki in Editorials
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Here are my Top 10 Danzig songs of the now-classic original lineup of Danzig (vocals), John Christ (guitars), Eerie Von (bass) and Chuck Biscuits (drums). This lineup was active years 1987-1994 and released the most iconic and revered albums among fans with Danzig (1988), Danzig II: Lucifuge (1990), Danzig III: How the Gods Kill (1992) and Danzig 4 (1994).

Danzig_III_How_the_Gods_Kill6. “Dirty Black Summer”
(Danzig III: How the Gods Kill, 1992)

Released in July 1992 and featuring album art by H. R. Giger, Danzig III: How the Gods Kill is arguably the most complete sounding Danzig recording from start to finish. It’s heavier than the first two Danzig albums, while also possessing an atmosphere of gloom and doom. I was 14 years old at the time of its release and the song “Dirty Black Summer” was my soundtrack for the summer. Hunkered down in my bedroom, I spent many of nights listening to Danzig III. The summertime thunderstorm intro is instantly recognizable.

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