Top 10 Max Cavalera songs: #3: “Beneath the Remains” (Sepultura)

Posted: September 22, 2015 by Jeffrey Maki in Editorials, Lists
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In our interview with Max Cavalera (read here), we discussed his astonishing 30 year career in metal, starting with his first album in Sepultura, Morbid Visions, all the way to his 2015 Soulfly album, Archangel. Here are my Top 10 Max Cavalera Songs spanning his 21 studio albums with Sepultura, Nailbomb, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed.

max-beneath#3: Sepultura – “Beneath the Remains”
(Beneath the Remains, April 7, 1989, Roadrunner Records)

The No. 3 slot of this list turned out to be the most difficult. Do I include “Troops of Doom” from Schizophrenia? “Territory” from Chaos A. D., or fan favorite, “Inner Self” (also from Beneath the Remains)? Ultimately, I chose the opening title track, as this was the first song I ever heard from Max Cavalera and Sepultura. I bought the album without ever hearing a lick of Sepultura’s music after reading a review in a magazine called Metal Maniacs (this was the way it used to be done in the early ’90’s). Walking the fine line between thrash and death metal, Beneath the Remains was Sepultura’s third album and first for Roadrunner Records. At the time, the band had to translate its native Portuguese language to compose the lyrics. Beneath the Remains went on to establish the band as one of the leading underground metal acts for years to come.

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